Exploitation and utilization of important agronomic traits of soybean

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Topic:Exploitation and utilization of important agronomic traits of soybean

Speaker:Prof. Dajian Zhang

Time:9:00, December 23rd

Location:N2-407, School of Life Sciences

About the speaker:

Dajian Zhang isaProfessor of Shandong Agricultural University and ayoung expert of Taishan Scholars.Taking soybean as the research object, his lab focuses on genetic mechanism of important agronomic traits genes of crops by comprehensive use of genetic, molecular biology and bioinformatics. Up to now, he has published 13 articles in leading international journals, including Nature Plants, Molecular Plant, PLoS Genetics and Plant Journal. He is also a co-author for several papers in top journals of Cell, Nature Genetics, Plant Cell, etc., with a total impact factor of more than 100. His work have been cited many times in international academic journals such as Cell, PNAS, Genome Biology, etc.

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